Smog The Woodland Hitbear

2009-01-20 04:57:02 by Cz-Backlash

I'm going to be making afew comics on this new character but I may actually consider making short toons about him as well. Heres the pitch of the idea.

Smog is a giant panda bear that lives in the Manhattan zoo, at night he sneaks from his cage and meets with the animals that live in Central Park and performs tasks for Don Stump, who is a fat pigeon with his feet cut off. Every week Don Stump will give Smog a task to complete by the end of the week to receive his pay, Smog dresses in human garbs to trick them into thinking he's a human himself to walk among the humans and perform his given task.

The comics are going to be executed as follows

Every day from Monday until Saturday, each day will be a one shot of Smog trying to perform his task and failing at it. Each day will state that Smog has learned something though his failures as a whim or crack at the one shot's visual situation. On Sunday, Smog will complete his task somehow and the panel will tell what Smog has learned throughout the week.

What do you guys think of this?

Smog The Woodland Hitbear

Rydin Character Concept Sketches

2008-06-30 10:56:20 by Cz-Backlash

Welcome to Newgrounds Christopher. Where the land of milk and honey of entertainment and a community of creative folk band together in a place of unity to breath life into our boring, gray, bleak, and dismal lives. Here a multitude of colors clash, ideas flourish, brilliant characters stroll down the cobblestone streets, and cartoons can be appreciated among others who understand your ongoing to make creativity a thriving entity.

Now just sign this paper which will mark you on which side your on. Oh, you didn't know? The land has been broken into two factions. The faction to the North creates new fables and throws them out to the populous to see what becomes of them. And to the South, that faction takes fables told and revisions them to their own liking to show how others feel about the subject at hand. So what faction will you put yourself to?

Ok enough with the storytelling...

So where do I stand between this little skirmish? If it's okay with you I'm gonna stay in no man's land, because lets be honest, everyone likes originality and parodies, they just side more with one then the other. Productivity wise Parodies are easier to make because the main jist of info is there for the animator to work with, but it's simply a retelling, everyone has said at least once if they had the power to change something in a creation to suit their taste, they would take it, well that what parodies are, but that does not make them any less of an animation, cartoon, game, or what have you. Now Original stuff brings new color to the spectrum, but lets be honest, new stuff will take awhile to create to fully show the artist's vision, and to bring a new story to others will take awhile for them to catch on and favor for what it is but it's still an animation all the same.

I may be stating the obvious, and you may think I'm just trying to keep away from the matter at hand, but truth be told, this 'war' has made me afraid to show anything, because the second I want to show art, people cast label them as one side or the other, thus making my art become something to be hated and to be hexed at for not being something that could be far from what I was trying to convey. I just want people to see my work as a "Cartoon" and nothing more, but thats just my high hopes. I'll continue to try and keep the mindset of "Its All The Same." And pray people will understand that when they see my art.

I have been thinking of a cartoon series to bring over to Newgrounds, called Rydin.

Rydin is a story of the planet Earth being destroyed by M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction.) By forces unknown the Milky Way has been reformed into a new universe, one where the imagination of human beings has been brought to life, and live along side them in a new world, this new world created for them is now called Rydin. The cartoons themselves will showcase stories of certain people throughout Rydin, creating a sub series to one big plot.

For now I can give you character concepts and sketches, make of em what you will. More will be revealed as I go along.

Later kids.

Click here for a larger image.

Rydin Character Concept Sketches


2008-06-22 02:54:18 by Cz-Backlash

I sing in this lolz

Download the MP3 here.


Big Apple Con

2008-06-09 19:41:02 by Cz-Backlash

All the cool kids are talking about it so why not hop on the bandwagon?

I was at home doing home stuff when I look at Newgrounds and see the massive sign for Big Apple Con. Low and behold I've only realized that it was that exact day and it was like five at night. Unlike most of the fellows who we're at the booth, I had the advantage of living like a half an hour away from the city, so I hopped on the bus and got to the con maybe two hours before it closed. Though I was alittle "jittery" to say the least when I first met everyone, well not so much Tomamoto as we hung out afew months back around the time of New York Comic Con. But yeah I was pretty swamp assed when I was confronted by my flash hero The Swain, as well as Tom, Luis, Afro Ninja, Bob, MindChamber, and Krinkles, and Radioactive24. I was star struck to be around the crew of Newgrounds is all, but after talking to them and just hanging around I got over myself.

I got there pretty late so we just talked about some random crap and I got to draw some stuff in their collective little sketch book, also I bought me a Tankman figure, so now I have absolutely no excuse for not drawing one cause I don't have "Reference". After the con I was invited to join the crew for dinner at this ritzy restaurant that tried to make itself look like this "Hip Indie" kinda dive. I sat inbetween Tomamoto and April, and across the way was Swain, Bob, and Afro. One thing ya gatta know about Tomamoto, the man's a lightweight, he had one beer (granted it was pretty tall for one) and he was pretty tipsy, but it great cause then we all pretended like we we're in Mystery Science Theater and made fun of this old 1980's flick where every person in the movie solves their problems with dancing, I mean they even brought some guy back to life in a hospital cause a wave of people started to break dance. The food come out rather late, (with I guess good reason, as there was like 30 something of us there) But the majority of us got these things called 'Pop Burgers' which we're like White Castle but ya know, they don't cause death on the first bite.

The next day I stopped by again, it was much of the same, hang around the booth and converse and draw, because that time I had brought my sketch book, also I got me a bitchin sweet Blockhead T-shirt. Once the con was over I hung around and helped the official booth workers pack their stuff up and bring it to the van. Once that was done we went on our merry way. All and all it was a nice way to spend the weekend.

Mark my words Tom, I'm going to repay you! Also thanks for being my "T-shirt Buddy" Radioactive. And I'm going to get you back for that penis in my sketchbook.

No Sketchbook is complete without an Autograph page.

Chris' Closet : Voice Acting Page

2008-03-15 11:46:19 by Cz-Backlash

Chris' Closet

My website has finally been worked on. Even though there are alot of places that still need to be worked on, atleast now the site is visitable. You can check out my voice acting page here.

Voice Acting Page

Don't forget to trek around the rest of the website including my animation page which had just gotten a new update as well.

Animations Page

A flash!?

2008-03-10 07:37:29 by Cz-Backlash

Eh. I decided to give it a shot. I haven't gotten much voice work as of late besides of two or three little projects I can't speak of (Besides the Go Go Parody Rangers Movie). And I'm taking a flash cartooning class in college. So I may as well start posting my work. If my cartoon doesn't make it you can always check it out over at my Deviant Art account.

Don't really know what else to put here. So....Oh yeah, I'll be kicking your ass in Brawl with Pikachu thank you very little.

Well fancy that. I have a Newgrounds Blog.

2007-08-15 19:21:37 by Cz-Backlash

Well it would seem I'v forgotten I have a Newgrounds account. Well this is meerly a tester blog to check out the new features here at the updated site.

Oh and jist so your wondering who this is in terms of Newgrounds fame. I'm the voice of Meat from Go Go Parody Rangers, and Go Go Parody Rangers 2. And soon to be GGPR3. So hang onto your nutsacks untill then. But I'm totally free for voice acting, so if you would like me to be a voice in any of your animations, games or whatnot, gimmie a call on AIM at Ouhmagod01. Or e-mail me at

Thank you and g'night.