Entry #7

Smog The Woodland Hitbear

2009-01-20 04:57:02 by Cz-Backlash

I'm going to be making afew comics on this new character but I may actually consider making short toons about him as well. Heres the pitch of the idea.

Smog is a giant panda bear that lives in the Manhattan zoo, at night he sneaks from his cage and meets with the animals that live in Central Park and performs tasks for Don Stump, who is a fat pigeon with his feet cut off. Every week Don Stump will give Smog a task to complete by the end of the week to receive his pay, Smog dresses in human garbs to trick them into thinking he's a human himself to walk among the humans and perform his given task.

The comics are going to be executed as follows

Every day from Monday until Saturday, each day will be a one shot of Smog trying to perform his task and failing at it. Each day will state that Smog has learned something though his failures as a whim or crack at the one shot's visual situation. On Sunday, Smog will complete his task somehow and the panel will tell what Smog has learned throughout the week.

What do you guys think of this?

Smog The Woodland Hitbear


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2009-01-21 17:25:29

u do a great job of drawing him and ill bet don stump looks funny too, but the thing about smog learning something everytime he fails seems un-needed, like its a kids learning show or something


2009-01-25 00:32:33

coolz i like how u draw the jacket :D


2009-01-26 19:27:27

OMIGOSH! JU GOT MY NAME! kewl. but my name is actually, liek this: $moG. But still! what a strange coincidence...
it says woodland hit bear, but isn't he a panda bear? And what was your inspiration for the name smog?

Cz-Backlash responds:

Yes he is a panda, the name Woodland Hitbear is just there for shits and giggles.

As for his name, I donno I associated smog with Smog because Smog is usually black. And based on Panda's having some black in their fur I called him Smog.


2009-02-03 21:07:59

Certanly looks and sounds like a good idea, but careful with your choices for objectives. NG is pretty fickle on that.


2009-02-05 02:10:43

Looks awesome. Your art is great and the story to the comic sounds funny and entertaining, can't wait to see it.


2009-03-13 09:37:18

funny:D foot on fire... got no better ideas sorry D:


2009-03-27 14:59:45

Hey! Sounds like a great idea! And knowing you, it'll be hilarious.
That, and watching dumb animals demean themselves for our entertainment is just so... funny.
So, I'm all for this idea!
I want to see Smog run in to a Polar Bear though...


2009-03-28 20:35:33

Your power rangers (red) voice is freaking AWESOME.


2009-06-06 08:37:58

For a second there I thought I was looking at something from Castle Crashers. Great Job!


2009-10-13 15:53:58

seems fun


2009-11-14 17:05:12

sooo you are the voice from meat
cool xD


2010-01-09 21:01:03

hey hey...how about a capcom collab?


2010-05-23 00:13:23

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2010-06-17 02:51:34

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2011-07-30 00:37:36

Sounds like the cartoons I watched growing up. DO IT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!